Making Every Gallon Count with Water Donations

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Watch the 2014 Human Race Walkathon and Fun Run in Santa Cruz County Video

Bottled water companies measure their greatness by how much they sell.  How much water has Crystal Springs donated over the years?  Honestly, we don’t keep a tally.  We just take pride in donating the best bottled drinking water to the fundraisers, events, and non-profits that need it the most.

Simply give us a call for a donation request form.

Even wholesale bottled water can get pretty expensive. So before you purchase all those cases of bottled water for your next fundraiser, call Crystal Springs.

We know that non-profit organizations consistently rely on the generosity of the local business community to survive. That’s why Crystal Springs consistently donates our natural spring water back to the community where we do business.

One of our proudest sponsorships is the annual Human Race organized by the Santa Cruz Volunteer Center. Year after year, Crystal Springs water stations are designated along a 5-mile path to hand out cool, refreshing, Santa Cruz spring water for all the participants. In 2014 alone, the event raised over $100,000 for local non-profit

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