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Live and Work Easier with a Bottled Water Dispenser

Here are 5 reasons why Crystal Springs water delivery is a no-brainer for the home and office:

 1.    Health

The Beverage Industry cashes in every year on drinks that are detrimental to our health.  Nobody enjoys the taste of lead and chlorine from tap water, but you deserve better than overloading your body with empty calories, processed sugar, and mysterious chemical ingredients.

2.    Quality You Can Taste

Did you know that water impurities can affect the taste of your morning coffee and tea?  And some bottled water brands actually sweeten the taste by adding ingredients like electrolytes?

Water doesn’t need additives to be enjoyed.  It just needs to be bottled from the purest local source Mother Nature can provide.  Crystal Springs water never goes through a municipal system.  In fact, our natural spring water is so pure it never sees the light of day until it hits the bottle.

Home and office delivery - santa cruz, ca

3.    Convenience Meets Affordability

You have enough on your mind already.  Stocking the break room is not a productive use of your time and energy.  And how much are you spending on bottled water companies that wholesale bottled water from a filter?  We deliver, set up, maintain, fix, and respond with a plan suited for your needs.

4.    The 5 Star Model for Water Delivery

Superior water delivery service is about more than just dropping off new bottles and picking up the empties.  We have the kind of responsive team your service plan also includes the maintenance of your equipment.

5.    We Think Locally  

We are proud to be a locally owned and operated business in Santa Cruz, CA.  When you call us, you speak directly with the Crystal Springs office – not some call center in the middle of nowhere.  While other bottled water companies have an office nearby, we work where we bottle our natural spring water.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive your delivery on the next working day following the holiday.

The only delivery that you need to be home for is the initial installation. After that, not at all, you can make arrangements with your delivery driver to leave your bottles anywhere you wish. Just don’t forget to leave your empty bottles out to avoid bottle deposit charges.

Of Course! Although we recommend, you keep an extra bottle on hand, especially during the holidays. Just call toll-free at 831-423-8956

Included with your initial set-up of your service will be a delivery schedule indicating your delivery dates for the remainder of the year. If you do not have your schedule, our office will be happy to send you a replacement.
Just give us a call at 831-423-8956.
Or, if you know your route number (this is written on your invoice). You may look up your next delivery day here.

We have a large recycling bin here at our bottling facility that we use to recycle acceptable materials.

We test our product before production, during production and at the end of production tp assure that all standards of quality are met.

We sell bottle water dispensers here at our bottling facility.

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