Frequently Asked Questions

Water Delivery Service

You will receive your delivery on the next working day following the holiday.

Of Course! Although we recommend, you keep an extra bottle on hand, especially during the holidays. Just call toll-free at 831-423-8956

You will receive a regular invoice in the mail indicating all charges for the billing period. You may pay your driver or mail your remittance. We also accept Mastercard and VISA.

At the time of installation of your service you are charged a bottle deposit for each bottle you ordered. Thereafter on each delivery if there is an even exchange of bottles, full/empty there is no bottle deposit charge. If you order more bottles than you return there will be an additional bottle deposit charge for each extra bottle. If you return more bottles than you order you will receive a bottle deposit credit.

The only delivery that you need to be home for is the initial installation. After that, not at all, you can make arrangements with your delivery driver to leave your bottles anywhere you wish. Just don’t forget to leave your empty bottles out to avoid bottle deposit charges.

Of course, just call our office at 831-423-8956 prior to your next delivery day.

Included with your initial set-up of your service will be a delivery schedule indicating your delivery dates for the remainder of the year. If you do not have your schedule, our office will be happy to send you a replacement.
Just give us a call at 831-423-8956.
Or, if you know your route number (this is written on your invoice). You may look up your next delivery day here.

Do not remove the bottle cap. Simply remove the paper seal from the cap and place the bottle on the dispenser with the cap on it. You can also remove a bottle from the dispenser and the cap will re-seal without any spill or leak.

Pure water is defined as any water that has been filtered. Legally any water that has been processed by minimum filtration can be labeled "Pure Water" Bottlers are mandated by FDA to filter down to a minimum of 1 micron. Therefore all Spring Waters would qualify as "Pure Water"

If you’ve browsed the isle of bottled water at your grocery store or researched H2O filters, you know that there are plenty of filtration options for drinking water. One option you may be familiar with is reverse osmosis (RO).

RO filters remove nearly all contaminants that are commonly found in water supplies. This includes potentially dangerous contaminants, such as bacteria, pesticides, arsenic, and much more. RO filters remove far more contaminants than other types of filtration systems.

RO water is also clearer rather than cloudy, like some tap waters. It is also said to have a better “taste” than other types of water. Minerals and additives like chlorine can have a strange and sometimes unpleasant aftertaste to them. RO drinking water does not have this. So, this may encourage you and your family to drink more water – which has incredible health benefits in and of itself.

Bottled water home delivery is a convenience that virtually pays for itself. Easily being one of its best advantages; bottled spring water is much healthier for you compared to traditional, unfiltered tap water. The taste of lead and chlorine will be a distant memory once you have set up bottled water home delivery.

Bottled Water Dispenser

Most people prefer the taste of bottled water

We sell bottle water dispensers here at our bottling facility.

We have a large recycling bin here at our bottling facility that we use to recycle acceptable materials.

We test our product before production, during production and at the end of production tp assure that all standards of quality are met.

We send out statements Monthly

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