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When it comes to marketing your business, there’s really only one objective: stand out in the crowd.

Up your marketing game with our customized bottled water. Just think of the private label water as a business card that quenches your thirst. And it never gets lost in a desk drawer.

Imagine stocking the break room fridge with bottled water. Imagine offering complimentary bottled water for potential clients. Imagine donating bottled water to a school fundraiser. Now imagine how far your branding can go every timesomeone enjoys that bottled water – your logo becomes the image that makes the final impression on pure Santa Cruz spring water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive your delivery on the next working day following the holiday.

Of Course! Although we recommend you keep an extra bottle on hand, especially during the holidays. Just call toll free 800-423-8966.

You will receive a regular invoice in the mail indicating all charges for the billing period. You may pay your driver or mail your remittance. We also accept Mastercard and VISA.

At the time of installation of your service you are charged a bottle deposit for each bottle you ordered. Thereafter on each delivery if there is an even exchange of bottles, full/empty there is no bottle deposit charge. If you order more bottles than you return there will be an additional bottle deposit charge for each extra bottle. If you return more bottles than you order you will receive a bottle deposit credit.

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