5 Characteristics of Top Water Bottle Companies

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Water bottle companies

Here are 5 key factors to use in deciding which local water bottle supply company you will rely on:

1. Great Water, Great Variety

Find out where the company’s water is sourced. Is it from a fresh source like the cool springs at the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains or some similarly refreshing location?

Ask for a free sample of the water. Is it fresh, clean, and delicious? And do you find some options, like say, spring, purified, or steam-distilled water? And can you get water in several different sizes and with different dispensing methods/equipment?

2. Delivery or Pick Up

Signing up for regular delivery shouldn’t take a week: look for a company that responds to your service request in a reasonable amount of time. And if you are doing a one-time delivery, you should be informed of what time of day to expect it to arrive (and it should be there on time.) But sometimes, you might want to stop by and pick up water bottles yourself. Your water bottle company needs to give you that option, and it should be located conveniently so you don’t have to drive long distances to make the pick-up.

3. Water Dispenser Options

The best water bottle companies will carry the most up to date water coolers and dispensers. You should find models with 2 or 3 temperature settings (instant hot, cold, or room temperature water.) And look for special features like LED-lit dispenser nozzles, compact counter top models, no-spill bottles, and more.

But also make sure the company will come and install the dispenser and offers ongoing, periodic cleaning and maintenance of water coolers. Many don’t have time to worry about cleaning their coolers, and a good water company can simply clean them upon delivery of the new water bottles.

4. Water Testing

Also, ask if the prospective water bottle supply company will give you a free water analysis of their water so you can be sure of its quality. That shouldn’t be a problem if the company has great water and is knowledgeable of and equipped to test the water.

And, perhaps for a small fee, you might want to test your tap water too, then compare the two results. Find out specifically how the water you are buying is superior to the water that comes “free” from the tap. And if you have hard water at home, your water bottle company may also be able to help you with water filtration or setting up a bottleless water dispenser that is fed from the tap.

5. Community Involvement

Besides great water, top-tier dispensers, and unquestionably superior service, a final factor you want in your water bottle company is community involvement.

Besides treating the environment right and treating their customers right, does the company give back to the community? Are they involved in any local charities or community action initiatives? Buying water locally keeps money in the local economy and may also funnel funds to worthy local causes. That’s certainly a factor worth taking into account.

In sum, we can say that all water bottle companies are not created equal. Some give you a few options, poor service, and give nothing back to the local community. Others offer you the best water and water equipment, top-tier customer-focused service (even on short notice), and invest in the community that is giving them patronage.

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